If you require a Contaminated Land Consultant – what you need to know

Contaminated land Consultants are a branch of environmental consultants that manage compliance and audit issues where audits are called for if a property is being rezoned to a more “sensitive” land usage, for instance, from industrial to housing, or if an application has been made to remove land from the Contaminated Sites Register and their services are quite often used by real estate developers when purchasing (or selling) land appropriate for business or residential development.

The first service a contaminated land consultancy will give is to identify the risk of site contamination which is referred to as a Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI), or a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report. The PSI needs to be sufficient to identify possible types/sources of contamination, areas of possible contamination, human and environmental receptors and possibly contaminated media (soil, groundwater, etc).
A complete Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) will certainly involve the following:
identification and description of the site, the site past (zoning, occupants, historic usages, aerial images, ownership, activities, consultations, etc); the environmental setting (geology, hydrogeology, topography, etc); a site reconnaissance visit to visually inspect the site (and surroundings) for contamination; a preliminary theoretical site model; and
(optionally) restricted contaminant sample and evaluation at areas of potential environmental concern.

A PSI might conclude that there is a considerable risk for contamination (in which case further studies ought to be conducted). On the other hand, if a comprehensive preliminary examination shows a past history of non-contaminating activities and there is no other evidence or suspicion of contamination, additional investigation is not called for.

However, if a Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) recognizes a risk of contamination and the available info is insufficient to make it possible for site management strategies to be designed, a Detailed Site Investigation, or DSI, may have to be conducted.
The DSI is the site sampling, or Phase 2 investigation stage. It undertakes to mark the vertical and lateral extent of site contamination – generally with the site’s proposed land usage in mind; or to advise after proper site remediation or management methods.
Soil is always examined and groundwater and/or surface water is tested where the past use of the site indicates there is a possibility of contamination; the soil is contaminated with materials that can contaminate groundwater; or, if a surrounding site is recognized to be, or is potentially contaminated, and there is a risk of the contamination movinHA0341-078g to your site. Where a correctly planned and executed DSI demonstrates that the site is not contaminated, then no additional works are called for. If it demonstrates that the site is contaminated, even more examination to inform decontamination requirements or to make clear potential human health risks might be required.

Environmental auditing of a site can be a drawn-out exercise incorporating soil and groundwater analysis, human health risk assessment, determination of “clean up to the extent feasible” of contaminated groundwater, and off-site screening.
A contaminated land audit could identify environmental contamination factors that need correction or management.
As noted, full and total clean up of contaminated land is not always called for. A contaminated land audit might be finished on a site that contains some ‘residual contamination’, and the auditor has provided a ‘Statement of Environmental Audit’.
Development on this land can then continue, as long as the contamination is in keeping with appropriate land use.

The Statement of Environmental Audit may have certain requirements, particularly if the site has been found to be a source site of contamination. Sites having a finalized Statement of Environmental Audit may require:.
Ongoing Groundwater Quality Management Plan;.
Soil Contamination Management Strategy; or.
Even more soil/health-risk assessment requirements if disturbed.
If you are a property owner or land developer, one of the most essential thing to comprehend about contaminated land is that land owners can be held responsible for the remediation of contamination on their land.
Because of this, it’s necessary to explore a property’s contamination status prior to investing, to avoid acquiring expensive environmental responsibilities together with the land.

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One of Victoria’s oldest platypuses

It’s a great day at work for an ecological consultant when you discover a twenty year old platypus. That’s what happened recently for josh Griffiths who works for CESAR, a sustainability organisation, while also working in conjunction with Melbourne Water to increase our understanding and conservation efforts of this amazing animal.

ONE of Victoria’s oldest platypuses calls the Plenty River home.
Melbourne Water’s Urban Platypus Program, which helps determine the status of platypus populations and water quality across Victoria, discovered this platypus in the river was a 20-year-old thanks to a microchip from Melbourne Waters 1995 Monitoring program.
“It’s impossible to tell the age of a platypus older than a year by its physical features,” Mr Griffiths said.
“It’s a microchip like your cat or dog has so you can’t actually track them in the wild, but when you have them in your hands, you can scan them to find out their ID.”

platypusSPOT.org is a new initiative aimed at engaging the general public in understanding and conserving the platypus. Platypuses are very difficult to study in the wild due to their aquatic and nocturnal lifestyle, high mobility and relatively low density. Live-trapping surveys are extremely time and labour intensive (as those who have volunteered with us will know!), which can limit data collection. By capturing platypus sightings, platypusSPOT allows everyone to be involved in building information about the platypus.

Mr Griffiths has researched the monotreme for eight years and there was a “massive decline” in various platypus populations across Victoria in the past few years, but said it was up to the community to nurture their environment.platypus-ecological-consultant

“Responsible fishing practices and controlling dogs around waterways are also very important.
“We’ve had incidents where dogs will attack platypuses traveling on land, particularly at this time of year, when the naive juveniles come out and the water levels are low.”

Interesting Platypus Facts
Males platypuses are venomous. They have a curved spur on their back feet and can use them to deliver a strong toxic blow to enemies
On land, the webbing on their feet retracts to expose individual nails. This allows them to run and dig burrows at the water’s edge
Folds of skin on the platypus cover their eyes and ears while the nostrils close with a watertight seal when under water
Platypuses usually stay underwater for up to two minutes. Only when they are under attack, they can hide under a log for about 12 minutes because they are not using their energy
All food is stored in cheek pouches and because they do not have teeth, bits of gravel help them chew their meal

If you’ve spotted a platypus in a waterway near you, report the sighting to platypusSPOT.org

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What to look for in an Ecological Consultant

Ecological consultants are in charge of undertaking a variety of activities in connection with the evaluation of the ecological importance of a place. Typically, these evaluations pertain to submitted project endeavors such as housing, commercial and mining constructions. They could also be to produce info on the ecological importance of sites to a range of stakeholders. Evaluations are essential due to the fact that there are a range of legal requirements developed under state and federal government environmental laws that need to be considered when a task will result in an influence on the natural environment.
Ecological consultants may likewise be asked to:
– design, apply and record the efficacy of ecological management strategies;
– provide professional environmental recommendations in court cases, to independent commissions of investigation, parliamentary groups, urban planning groups and at district council meetings.
There are a range of standard documents written by ecological consultants including things like vegetation and animals reports, environmental impact assessments, opportunity and constraint reports, species impact statements, vegetation maps, vegetation management plans, endangered species management plans, fire management plans and peer review of development applications.

Ecological consultants work with a variety of organisations, if the consultant you work with usually works with the same sector as your organisation then they are more likely to be adept with the specific requirements you are hiring them for. Use their records of previous clients to check which consultants fit this criteria.
– Federal and State authorities divisions such as environmental protection agencies,  conservation agencies (e.g. NSW Office of Strategic Lands), land management agencies (e.g. NSW Office of Strategic Lands) and catchment management authorities.
– District councils performing analyses of property in parks and reserves; critique of development applications; application or property zoning.
– Major real estate developers of housing, industrial or mining ventures.
– Law practices that take care of environmental and planning issues.
– Neighborhood groups who need qualified guidance on environmental qualities and management e.g. environmental action organizations, bushcare groups.
The usual minimum prerequisite is a degree (or equivalent) in a biological science from a recognized (government-accredited) tertiary institution. The majority of ecological consultants have at least a B. Sc. (Hons) degree, some with higher degrees (M. Sc. or Ph.D).
A handful of professionals that have a relevant diploma in applied science from a TAFE Education (e.g. Dip. Biol. Technology. or Dip. Appl. Sc.), and who have worked for several years as a scientific officer or field assistant in a biological discipline, are also successful ecological consultants. However degree certifications that are bought on the internet from “non-accredited universities” or diploma mills are not identified by state and federal government authorities and the environmental consultancy industry in Australia.

Ability to meet tight deadlines while still keeping a high standard of work
In many cases ecological consultants will need to produce their work under time constraints. Whichever sector you are in that requires the ecological consulting services, timeliness is usually an important consideration, whether for financial or opportunity cost or court dates. Make sure you check references and past work to ensure you choose a consultant that has this very crucial capability.


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Why is Business Coaching Needed for Success?

What can a Coach Do for your Business, You and Your Team can’t already do?
If you are new in business or even if you are a seasoned veteran, there are going to be rough patches you face that can become roadblocks to your success. Instead of being bogged down when the inevitable happens, why not employ someone to assist you in improving your circumstances?
By getting somebody skillful to help you to think out of the box, you have a chance to see the problem from a different perspective. Business coaches work hand in hand with their clients to help them to solve any problems and drive their business forward.
However You Might Be Asking Yourself, Why Do I Really Need A Coach?
While you might not feel you require one now, you might in the future. Business coaches don’t just give recommendations. In reality, they provide a much broader service than some individuals comprehend. These superb coaches are regularly studying and for good reasons. What they are doing when they listen to you share information about your business and the situation it’s in, is collecting information they can later utilize to assist you to make progress in your business. This feedback is good to have and can assist you become a better business man or woman, thereby helping your company grow in the ideal direction.
Business Coaches Have Real Skills That They Can Teach You
Recommendations and feedback are simply 2 of things that business coaches provide. They also possess real abilities that will help you to achieve your objectives. There are various kinds of capability sets that coaches can share with you depending on what markets they have been involved in before.
Are Business Coaches truly worth the Investment?
While the costs to employ a professional business coach may be significant, the dividends that you and your business gain are priceless. These coaches have years of experience assisting others to move their business forward. Many of the people that these consultants help out are confronted with big problems and are often on the verge of losing their company due to poor direction. Business coaches collaborate and assist you to figure out the problems resulting in failure and can right the ship, so to speak, so that it stops taking on water.
Once you’ve Decided to Hire a Business Coach,
How do you go about Choosing the Right One for Your Business?

Not all coaches are the same, there are a great deal of high quality result driven coaches that commit their lives to what they do, but there are a a number of want to be coaches that enter coaching because they have failed in other areas and should not seriously be coaching anybody. Looking for the appropriate coach to deal with can be challenging if you have no idea where to look, how do you tell the genuine from the pretentious? The following suggestions are created to offer you a heads up to assist you make the best choice of coach for you and your circumstance.
So, What Should You Search for In A Great Business Coach?
Coaching Track Record. Amongst the 1st things you should always search for in an expert business coach is his or her track record. Unqualified and inexperienced coaches won’t have the list of clients that somebody who has actually committed their lives to the job. So request references, reviews and case studies and do your homework to see just what your potential coach has actually produced in the past.
What abilities do they bring to the table? This is the 2nd thing that needs to be considered is the coaches past business record, the experience they can bring to the table. While great coaching approaches can take a client a long way, the talents, experience and track record of your coach determine their ability to truly coach you and help you to put plans into action. So take a look at the coaches own business background before you agree to work with them and sign a contract.
Another crucial matter is confidentiality. Make certain that your coach is prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement. Lots of people in the past have actually found themselves disadvantaged by surrendering confidential company info to business coaches who have later shared the info with other companies in the exact same industry. A confidentiality contract should be a non-negotiable condition of any coaching contract, and if a coach is not prepared to sign one, you should move on to another person.
Quality of Feedback. Lastly, look for a coach that is not just going to provide you guidance but also feedback on things that you are doing. The quality of feedback offered will directly correlate to the coaches own business experience. Always look for a coach with a good performance history, an impressive list of clients, testimonials and other proof of successful coaching engagements, and if possible try and choose a person who has truly been triumphant in business themselves.

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Three Ways Executive Coaching Will Stimulate Your Career or Online business

For business leaders who have yet to tap the services of an executive coach, there is frequently some nervousness about working with one. Will it be worth the costs involved? If I have somebody come in to demonstrate to me how to look after things more efficiently will this obstruct my efforts to be my own man? But wise business men and women who have used an executive coach before understand the value of having a skilled and proficient coach collaborating with them.
You see, an executive coach is not there to tell you what to do or why and when to do things. They will never play the role of a supervisor and they definitely are not going to run your business for you. They play the function of a herdsman, helping steer you in the ideal direction, particularly when you face great problems in your business or work or when you wish to take your business up a notch. Executive coaches work closely with you to attain common goals that will probably benefit your work, firm and profits.
Below you’ll see three of the best reasons why hiring an executive coach makes sense for your business.

3 Ways That an Executive Coach Can Benefit You
1. An executive coach can help you establish goals to work to. In some cases targets can be challenging to set. Working in hectic circumstances under pressure it can be confusing to navigate a pathway to your end goals and it can be really frustrating at times. However an executive coach can see executive-coachingthrough this hard time and help you set objectives that can be attained, given that they have likely been there before, and with the benefit of experience and twenty twenty hindsight, they can help you find a better course.

2. An executive coach can provide a matter-of-fact outside perspective. Let’s face it countless numbers of us are emotionally enmeshed with our work or organization as we take pride in what we do. However that passionate connection can cloud judgment and impact decisions we make, and having somebody with an outside view can be immensely helpful and help direct you through challenging times.

3. An executive coach can give professional guidance on many different areas of business. While it’s safe to say that you are probably an expert at things you do, there will be times in your career when your business needs to expand or alter directions. When this occurs, you can commonly find yourself navigating unknown waters. However employing an executive coach that has first-hand insights of the current conditions you are facing, you will have a highly trained individual on your side. There is no reason to take on new situations alone when you can have an experienced person next to you helping you to clear the way.

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