What is local marketing?

Local marketing is the set of strategies and tools that a company designs and implements to address a specific target of customers located within a certain geographical area . The size of the area varies according to the type of activity:

strictly local (or hyperlocal )
local (of a city and surrounding areas)
regional and interregional (which concerns a rather large geographical area, which may involve one or more regions).
For this reason, local marketing primarily affects small and medium-sized businesses and various types of businesses . For example, shops, restaurants and pizzerias, bars, insurance agencies, bank branches, gyms, temporary employment agencies, sports teams of local importance, etc.

The range of action or “influence” of your business or your business will be reflected in the choice of strategies and tools underlying your local marketing.

For example , if you have a bar in a medium-large city , and you have established that the closing time is 6.00 pm, it is reasonable to think that you are interested in attracting people who work or who are passing through your area, with a ‘offer focused on breakfast and business lunches. On the other hand, if your bar is also open in the evening, and you usually organize “special” happy hours, with very appetizing buffets and lounge music in the background, your interest is likely to shift to the entire city “market”. Thus, your perspective will no longer be the strictly local one.

The specialization and degree of uniqueness of the offer can also influence the reach of your local marketing.

For example , if you have a restaurant with a prestigious kitchen, it is likely that you will be interested in attracting potential customers from all over the city. On the other hand, if your restaurant is the only one in town that offers only vegetarian dishes and that also boasts a Michelin star, it is equally likely that your reach may extend to the provincial and regional level.

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