4 signs your laptop needs immediate repair

Remember the trouble you had to go through when your laptop broke down all of a sudden and simply won’t work? You lost important data as well as precious hours from your work routine in getting it repaired and back in its optimum working condition. 

You could have easily spared yourself the effort had you simply listened to the following warning signs your laptop gave before completely shutting down. 

Slower speed

Is your laptop moving at a snail’s speed, even though you don’t have many heavy programs running in the background? The diminished speed and response time of your laptop is one indication that your laptop requires prompt repairs. 

There is a good chance that your laptop is working slow because your network speed is slow as well. So before you take your laptop for repairs, make sure to check with your network connections. If the problem remains, you might need to get your system serviced. In case your laptop fails to speed up even after a thorough service, this indicates a deeper problem that needs to be checked with a professional. 

Random restarts and freezing sessions

When your laptop freezes and just wouldn’t allow you to do anything, that’s when the trouble begins. Imagine having to deal with a frozen screen in the middle of an important and time sensitive task!

A freezing screen is annoying as it is; however the realization that a deeper problem entails this apparent frozen screen is even more frustrating. You might find yourself having to restart your laptop to get it working again. On the contrary, you might even find your laptop restarting without a warning, sometimes after a recurring frozen screen and at other times randomly without any apparent reason. 

Both the problems suggest the need for to take your laptop for a thorough laptop sessions at laptop repair melbourne, so that the underlying issues can be resolved without aggravating your laptop’s condition.

Strange noises

The most common indication for a laptop that is about to die, is the strange noises that it starts giving off. One would suggest that’s simply the fan of your laptop, trying to get rid of the extra heat that your overly-worked system might be generating. However, upon careful examination of your laptop, you can differentiate between the normal sounds made by its fan, and the weird noises that have absolutely no explanation whatsoever. 

There is a chance that your laptop is simply making a lot of noise because it needs to be serviced. Dirt tends to collect within your laptop, which then causes the fans to work extra hard, and make noise in the process, to keep rotating and expel the heat. If however the problem persists, you might want to show your laptop off to an experienced laptop repairman. 

Pop-up ads flood your screen 

Pop-ups are pretty common when navigating your way through the internet. However, if these pop-ups show up in a large number, so that they make it impossible for you to see anything beyond them, your laptop is in deep trouble. You would find that even when you manage to close one pop-up, many more tend to take its place. 

This is usually an indication of a virus or malware infestation within your laptop, and can be fixed easily through the help of an experienced professional. 

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