Types of Lawyers on the Gold Coast and the services they offer

Lawyers are among the essential professionals that every individual in the Gold Coast will require in their lifetime. Most people think they only need lawyers whenever they have cases charged against them in the court of law. However, that’s not right. You may require a lawyer to help you even when you are not charged with anything. Therefore, you need to know the kind of lawyer you need in different situations not to hire the wrong type of lawyer on the Gold Coast.


Different types of Lawyers on the Gold Coast

Law is a vast field, so people who specialise in law have to choose a particular area of specialisation to major in. This is why there are different types of lawyers on the Gold Coast, each specialising in a different law. It is essential to differentiate the different types of lawyers as you find whenever you are hiring a lawyer and the kind of services they offer to the clients. This can help you save so much money since you do not make any mistakes when hiring the lawyers that you need. The following are some of the different types of lawyers you will meet on the Gold Coast.


  • Family lawyers

A family lawyer is simply a lawyer that deals with family law. Family law specialises in matters that affect the family. These matters include child adoption,  marriage, divorce, separation, child custody, child abuse domestic violence, among others. Whenever you face any problems in your family, and you’d like to find a legal solution, you can hire family lawyers that specialise in the kind of services you need. For instance, if you want to end your marriage, divorce lawyers at the lawyers that you can hire during the situation. On the other side, child adoption lawyers will help couples adopt a child or children if they don’t have a biological child.


  • Real estate lawyers

Thinking of buying, selling, or leasing your home or property, you will require real estate lawyers in Gold Coast. These are lawyers that handle agreements, title deeds, mortgages and transfer documents. They ensure the process of buying and selling property is done successfully and in the proper manner.


  • Personal injury lawyers

If you are injured during an accident that occurred due to the negligence of the other person or company you require, you will need a lawyer by your side. Personal injury lawyers are lawyers who file claims in case of an accident, and their clients are involved. These lawyers help their clients get compensated for the injuries they get and other challenges resulting from the accident.


  • Employment lawyers

They are lawyers who are hired by employers and employees on the Gold Coast. The help in dealing with legal issues that are related to the work environment. Employment lawyers handle some of the cases include contracts, workplace harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination.


  • Intellectual Property Lawyers

They are also called IP lawyers. They offer advice regarding intellectual properties related issues. They include trademarks,\ copyright, patents, trade secrets, and industrial design.


  • Criminal lawyers

The other kind of lawyer you’ll find on the Gold Coast is a criminal lawyer. They are lawyers that represent people who are accused of any illegal activity. They ensure that the liberty and the rights of the accused are upheld. A criminal lawyer usually appears in court more frequently than the other lawyers you find on the Gold Coast, especially when any case goes to trial.


Final thoughts

Whenever you are hiring lawyers on the Gold Coast, make sure you are hiring the right lawyers. You do not want to hire a criminal lawyer whenever he wants to buy or sell a property. Therefore always focus on the kind of services you need to help you hire the correct type of Lawyers.

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